Anders Krohn
The Viking
November 15th, 1987
Houston, Texas
6'1'' / 1m 85 cm
155 lbs / 70 kgs
Racing driver
Sushi, Water and Racing
Tom Kristensen


My story

I was born and raised just outside Stavanger, Norway - A city in the south-western part of Norway. After getting the opportunity to sit in a Gokart at the tender age of 2, I was hooked. Not too long after, at the age of three and a half, I got my first Gokart from my parents Helge and Odny Krohn. I made my racing debut eight years old in England. The age limit to race in Norway was 11, so I started out racing in England and then went on to spend two years racing in Sweden before being able to enter races in my home country. I won many races and learned a great bunch that has been extremely valuable ever since.

After spending a few years in the National karting categories, I made the step up to the Intercontinental A Juniors for 2001. I spent two seasons in the category and went on to win the National Finals as well as the GigaCup. For 2003, I made the jump to the Intercontinental A Senior category, and won the Norwegian National Championship as the youngest ever at the age of 15. Another step up came in 2004 in the form of Formula A. Won the National Championship in that category as well, and yet again, the youngest ever to do it. 2005 was a year of big change and would be my best year of karting. Making the step up to the ICC and Super ICC shifter categories was tough but rewarding. I ended up winning the North-European Championship and was rewarded with the Autosport Driver of the Year award from the Norwegian Automobile Authorities. I was also the youngest ever to to recieve this prize, taking over the prize from World Rally Champion, Petter Solberg. I also finished 17th in the World Championship, despite suffering from a puncture mid-race. I continued in ICC and Super ICC for 2006, and ended up winning my third National Championship title in four years.

With many years of karting behind the belt, I wanted to move up to Formula-car racing, but a massive financial hurdle was standing between me and the dream of being a professional race car driver. I spent about half a year finding and educating myself on the subject of motorsports sponsorship, and at last had a budget sufficient to compete in the Pan-European Benelux Formula Ford Championship. I had a fantastic debut season with my team, Vuik Racing, and I earned 6 wins, 9 pole positions and 11 podiums en route to finishing as Vice-Champion, a single point behind the winner.

2008 was my breakthrough year as a Formula car driver. With the financial crisis in full play, getting sponsorship was a tough task at best. But I managed to pull through and landed a deal in the U.S. Formula 2000 Championship with top team Andersen Racing. We dominated the Championship, won 9 out of 14 races, and suddenly I was on top in my first season of racing in a continent I had never even been to 8 months prior to the season ending.

I continued to focus on racing in North America for 2009, and secured a deal with Mundill to compete in the Star Mazda Championship. After a tough start to the season, we secured our first win in our Oval debut at the Milwaukee Mile 100. It wasn't until the very last race of the season we would secure another podium, and ended 6th in the Championship. It was a tough, but character-building year, that has made me stronger for the years to come. We showed glimses of good pace, but unfortunately we lacked consistency to be up top.

Much unlike 2009, the 2010 season was built upon extreme consistency. So much so, that I finished every single race in the Top 5 in. Back with Andersen Racing for another Star Mazda season, we had high hopes of a championship charge, and started off on the right foot by securing pole position and a new lap record at Sebring International Raceway. In every single race we were right there on pace and secured six podiums throughout the season. Strangely enough, we never got a win, but our consistency ensured we finished 2nd in the championship battle.

Making my debut year in Firestone Indy Lights, the 2011 season didn't turn out the way I had hoped for. While Belardi Auto Racing and I were challenging for top honors time and time again, it never really came together and ended in a season without too many results to show for. Six retirements in 14 races made it very hard to stay in contention for a top position in the championship, so considering this, 7th overall isn't too bad. I will be looking to improve upon these performances in 2012.




2011 - Firestone Indy Lights - Belardi Auto Racing
- 7th, Championship standings
- Top 10 in 9 races
- Top 5 in 2 races
- Led 10 laps (Indianapolis Motor Speedway & Baltimore Grand Prix)

2010 - Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear - Andersen Racing
- 2nd, Championship standings
- 2nd, Visit Florida Cup
- 6 podiums in 13 races
- Top-5 every race
- Track Record - Sebring International Raceway

2010 - Firestone Indy Lights - Andersen Racing
- Made series debut at Watkins Glen International
- Ran in 4th place before Gearbox issues
- Finished 10th

2009 - Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear - Mundill
- 1st, Milwaukee Mile 100 - Career first Oval Race
- 6th, Championship Standings
- 3rd, Rookie Championship Standings
- Seven Top-6 Results
- Track Record - Eagles Canyon Raceway

2008 - US Formula 2000 Championship - Andersen Racing
- Rookie of the year
- Autosport Driver of the Year (Norwegian Autosport Federation)
- Ranked as top F2000 driver in North America (

- 9 Wins in 14 Races
- 8 Fastest race laps
- 7 Pole Positions
- Track Records:
          - Andersen RacePark
          - Mid Ohio Sports Car Course
          - Mosport International Raceway
          - New Jersey Motorsports Park
          - Virginia International Raceway
          - Watkins Glen International

2007 - Formula Ford Dutch&Benelux Championships - Vuik Racing
- 2nd Benelux Formula Ford (Lost Championship by 1 point)
- 2nd Dutch Formula Ford
- 11th World Finals, Formula Ford Festival (Started 20th)
- 6 wins and 11 podiums in 15 races
- 9 Pole Positions
- Track Record - Zolder, Belgium

2006-2003 - Gokart - International Races
'06 National Champion - ICC
'06 Recieved the "Golden Steering Wheel" award
'06 Track Record - Klepp Kart Ring
'05 North-European Champion - ICC
'05 Autosport Driver of the Year (Norwegian Automobile Federation)
'05 KNA Champion - ICC
'05 Recieved the "Racing-Magazine" prize
'05 Recieved the "Golden Rim Award"
'05 GigaCup International Champion - ICC
'04 National Champion - Formula A
'03 National Champion - ICA
'03 4th place, North-European Championship - ICA
'03 4th place, Belgian Championship, Spa Francorchamps - ICA

'02-'91 - Gokart: various categories and brands
- Gigacup Winner '02
- Recieved the Motororganisations Automobile scholarship '02
- 2nd, Norwegian Cup '02
- 1st, National Finals '01
- 5th, Scandinavian Championship '01
- Club Champion '00
- 5 wins '00
- Two days testing with CRG factory team '00
- 1st Summer Trophy '99
- Club Champion '99
- 1st Ale National '98
- 2nd South-Swedish Championship '98
- Several wins in England and Sweden '97-'96
- Playing around with Gokarts '95-'91




In Motorsports there are big demands on Associates and partners in order to be at a top international level. So far, I have been blessed with great long-term associates.

I would like to send a big Thank you to all of whom have supported me through many years. Below, you can see the ones that have marked themselves during the years.

Thanks alot to:

Belardi Auto Racing, Liberty Engineering, Logi Trans, Trallfa, PM International Suppliers, Allied Interior Products, I-Tec, Eagles Canyon Raceway, OMP America, Bell Racing, ZAT Graphics, Rioja Restaurant, Racing for Kids, Restart Communications, Firestone, IndyCar, Repcon Media, Mazda Road to Indy, Endodontic Specialists of Wisconsin.

Andersen Racing, Trallfa, Norse Cutting & Abandonment, Colosseum, Logi Trans, Bring Logistics, SR Transport, Eagles Canyon Raceway, Nash Performance Group, ZAT Graphics, OMP Racing, Bell Helmets, KNA, Rioja, Racing for Kids, Restart Communications, MotorAkademiet, Mazda, Goodyear, Indy Racing League, Savage Designs.

Mundill, Trallfa, Colosseum, KNA, Nash Performance, ZAT Graphics, Mazda, Antenor.

Trallfa Industrier AS, Colosseum Dental AS, Kruse Smith AS, SR Transport AS, Andersen Racing, Rahal Letterman Racing, Sam Schmidt Motorsports, Vuik Racing, Elan Technologies, Hoosier Racing Tire, Norwegian Autosport Federation, KNA Klepp Motorsport, WvL Engineering, CRG Norge, Torbjørn Kvia, Zat Graphics, BMS Group, Restart Communications.

Trallfa Industrier AS, Colosseum Dental AS, Smith Technologies, Kruse Smith AS, SR Transport, Vuik Racing, KNA Klepp Motorsport, CRG Norge, Zanardi Holland, Bilist 2000, WvL Engineering, Avon Tires Holland, Torbjoern Kvia.

Walter van Lent, Zanardi Holland, CRG Holland, CRG Norway, Trallfa AS, Sinisalo, Maxter Shell, KNA Klepp Motorsport,  Bilist 2006, Mir Raceline.

CRG Holland, CRG Norge, Walter van Lent, Zanardi Holland, Maxter, KNA, PTC, Shell, KNA Klepp Motorsport.

CRG Holland, CRG Norway, TKRacing, Mekonomen, Shell, Offshore&Marine, Bridgestone, Sebastian Kartfjord.

Petter Solberg Kart team, Leif Larsson (Leffe) R.I.P., Valvoline, KNA, Norges Bilsportforbund.

CRG Norway, CRG Holland, Shell, Offshore&Marine

Fastway Racing OY, Norswed, Hartti Kristola.

Endura Motorsport.

Swiss Hutless Team Sweden.

Swiss Hutless Team Sweden.

Kåre Thunem (CRG Norway).



I would like to thank and show my appreciations to my Mum and Dad. They have always been with me! Without Mum and Dad I would probably not even know what motorsport is about, and I thank them for letting me compete in this adventure. I truly appreciate it every day. Thanks a lot to you!  

Also a huge thanks to all of my sponsors that have always been there for me when I needed them. Without you, I would not be where I am at this very moment.




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